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My Lagos (Limited Edition, Original Nollywood poster jacket)

Robin Hammond


Each book is unique, The dust jacket is a fold Nolywood poster from the movies cinema, fold by hand one by one

Lagos defies Western ideas of urban order. However, what looks like anarchic activity is actually governed by a set of informal yet ironclad rules. To a new comer to the city, these rules are an absolute mystery but in the shouting, and blaring of horns, and the pushing and shoving of crowds, everyone has a place to go and a way to get there.

Robin Hammond’s ‘My Lagos’ introduces us to the color, energy and chaos of Africa’s largest city. Full bleed color photographs take us on a journey through bustling Lagos streets and into the homes of the rich, poor, and rising middle class. ‘My Lagos’ opens our eyes to an Africa rarely seen in western media.

Placed over and between these views of Lagos is a series of large format Polaroid portraits accompanied by quotes from the sitters themselves. A businessman, an actor, a fisherman, a pastor, a prostitute speak of their hopes and dreams in this city of strivers.

An original Nollywood film poster wraps this beautifully designed book delivering an authentic piece of the city to the audience.

‘My Lagos’ has been described as intense and bold. Much like the city itself.

Wasiu Ishola, 36, unemployed, from Lagos. Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Q: What is your name?
A:Hello Sir,hmmm,My name is Wasiu Ishola
Q:How Old are you?
A:I am 36 years old
Q: What is your job?
A: I am a footballer
Q:Where do you live?
A:I live at Collins,Lagos Island
Q:Where are you from,are you from Lagos?
A:I am from Lagos,and lived my life here.
Q:Do you like Lagos?
Q: why do you like Lagos?
A:because they are doing everything I like to me
Q:What is the best thing and the worst thing about Lagos?
A:They are doing field for us to play ball,we need anything like boot, they buy it for us.We like playing football in Lagos.
Q:What are the things you don’t like about Lagos?
A:All those “Area Boys”
Thank you , one last question.
Q:Why do you have tattoos on your body
A:I just like them.
Thank you

Second Interview
Q: “What is the best thing and the worst thing about Lagos?”
A: “They are doing field for us to play ball. We like playing football in Lagos.”
Q: “What are the things you don’t like about Lagos?”
A: “All those ‘Area Boys’”
Q:What is your name,occupation and age?
A: My name is “Hello Sir” Ishola, i am a Hustler and am 38 years old.
Q:What is your Lagos to you?
A:My Lagos is the place where i see money and where people are merciful.
Q: Why do you live in Lagos?
A : Lagos makes me happy because of my friends when we hang out to watch football matches.
Q: How do you live your daily life?
A: The way i live daily is that I and my friends will hang-out and go sightseeing together.We go to listen to songs and visit dance clubs.

Special Senior Apostle Eze Michael Emenike, 41, from Anambra State. 13 years in Lagos, Pastor and Mnagaing Director of Bank. Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim & Seraphim Holy Trinity, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Q:What is your name?
A:My name is Eze Michael Emenike
Q:What is your job?
A: Am the resident pastor of Holy Trinity House of Prayer
Q:Where are we?
Q: Are you from Lagos?
A; No
Q: Where are you from?
A: am from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra state to be precise.
Q: How long have you been in Lagos?
A; 13 Years and over
Q: Why did you originally come to Lagos ?
A:I came for greener pastures,I did my schooling in the East, my first degree, Business Administration[Marketing],My second degree, Business Administration[Marketing option]. So, I came to Lagos to work with Banks, I now set-up a finance house in 2007, where am the Managing Director now.
Q:So, this is your other life outside of the church?
A:I received the call of God in the year 2006,I started pasturing this house of Prayer and its been Massive,this House of Prayer.
Q: Do you see your future in Lagos?
A:We do everything to please God, but if it pleases God we can relocate. I see I see a bright future for me in Lagos.
Q: For people who have never lived in Lagos, how would you describe Lagos?
A: Lagos is a promised land. You must be exceptionally good to survive in Lagos. You must put on your thinking cap. you can actually jump start any career from Lagos.
Thank you.

Popoola Funmilola, 27, from Lagos, Stylist and Hairdresser. Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Q: What is your name?
A: Funmilola Popoola, my name is Funmilola Popoola.
Q;How old are you?
A: 27 years
Q;What is your job?
A: Stylist,Hairdresser.
Q:Where do you live?
Q:Were you born in Lagos?
A: Lagos
Q:Do you like living in Lagos?
Q; You think you will live here for the rest of your life?
Q; For people who have not visited Lagos ,describe Lagos to them?
A: Lagos is a cool area,a nice place
Q: Are there any challenges in Lagos?
A:There are no challenges in Lagos,its just that in Lagos,you have to be focused on what you are doing.
Q: What is your dream for your job?
A:I will use this job to travel out, that is my dream.
Thank you very much.

Almaz, 24, Project Coordiantor for an Artists Foundation. From Lagos. Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

“Lagos is very bubbly society, it’s a lovely city. It’s not too much infrastructure but it’s somewhere where you can make things happen. So if you want to make something happen really, really bad, come to Lagos it will happen, trust me.”

Kilani Ebenezer, better known as ‘Big Ben”, celebrity fashion designer at Berlin Menswear Market, Mariner, Lagos, Nigeria.
1) I’m a designer, the creative Director of Big Ben Kilani Luxury Brand.
2)i’m not originally from Lagos,i’m from Ogbomoso in Oyo State. I came to Lagos for a greener pasture and to enjoy city Life.
3)My Lagos is a place where u open to a lot of opportunities and it’s prepare you for the future and strength you to be up and doing.
4)Lagos is a land flowing with milk and honey,only shine your eyes and see clearly.
5)The worst thing about Lagos is that it’s not easy to say in Lagos, its meant for people that prepared to stay, people are suffering and they are smiling, traffic is crazy.I love my Lagos because is a fun fill state.

Ajoke Saka, (25 years old). Student of Business Administration at Wolex Polytechnic at home at Dolphin High Rise Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

“Lagos is beautiful because I’m brought up in Lagos. We have good government in Lagos.”

Tobi Ajike (5) and his brother Tomi Ajike (6) at home in Maryland. Lagos, Nigeria.

« My Lagos is wonderful, beautiful, lovely, rainy, busy. I think Lagos is a beautiful place where people stay and live.”

Portrait of Mrs Ivie Ejiwunmi at home, Old Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Portrait of Nollywood actor Taofik Jimoh dressed in the costume of a Devil.

Fatimah Waidi (left), 18 years old, model – “Lagos is a land of opportunity.”
Tracey Richards (centre) 22, Radio Presenter and model.
Grace Anuoha (right) 22, Beauty Queen/Model. Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria

Ogundipe Fikayo, entrepreneur and CEO-Co-Founder of online letting agency Tolet.com.ng, in Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria.

“My Lagos is a place of huge potential. I love Lagos because of the hustle and bustle, it is a society which shows a lot of restructured patterns. As an entrepreneur I see this as an opportunity to embark on this restructured nature and develop something great for the nation.”

Portrait of Ushers of Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion World Wide: (Standing on the left) Assistant to the Pastor, 22 year old Tailor Kehinde Ibinuolapo. (Standing in the centre) Deputy General of the Church, 22 year old Receptionist Oyeshanu Alaba. (Standing on the right) General of the Church, 22 year old Computer Operator Taiwo Ibinuolapo. Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion World Wide. Jakande Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.

Gbenro Ajibade, Nollywood Actor/Model
“Hi, I am Gbenro Ajibade, I’m a Actor and Model, I am 30 years old and I am from Kogi State. The major reason why I came to Lagos here is to pursue my dream, of course, for obvious reasons, Lagos is the heart of entertainment.”
MM8360_140312_005506: “Lagos is a city of opportunity, a city where anything and everything happens, it is our New York of Nigeria. Believe it or yes, it is the heart of the body called Nigeria, it is like the heart that pumps blood, so after all things said and done this is where things happen, this is where Nigeria starts from, this is where Nigeria generates from, we’re all here, we’re taking the country to greater heights”

48 year old caterer and owner of Mama Moses Restaurant Folashade Adefowope: “My shop is known as Mama Moses Restaurant. My Lagos is good. It’s lucrative. I have pleasure in making business in Lagos.”

Fisherman Monday Enikanoselu, 16

Q:What is your name ,age and occupation?
A: My name is Monday Enikanolselu, am a fisherman and am 16 years old.
Q:What is your Lagos to you?
A:My Lagos has been good to me since we came. We catch fish.
Q:Why do you live in Lagos?
A:We came to Lagos to work ,so that we will see money.
Q:Tell me one good thing about Lagos and one bad thing about Lagos?
A: There are good things in Lagos.There also those who are bad in Lagos.Lagos will be good to me.
Q:One more time,what is the bad thing about Lagos and what is the good thing about Lagos?
A: we came to work in Lagos. In Lagos there are different kind of people.Some are fighters,some are out to ruin Lagos, some care about the city.Lagos shall profit us all.

Hip Hop Duo ‘Tuwon’. The band is made up of twin brothers Paul and Peter Etumudon

“Lagos is a place where a boy gardener can become the President of Nigeria”

Garuba Jigariwa Blind beggar, Ebutte-Metta, Lagos, Nigeria. 10 April 2014.

Rasheed Akano dressed in the costume of a traditional King and Alhaja M.O Dosumu

Joy, 30, Prostitute. From Gabon. 5 years in Lagos. Lagos, Nigeria.

“I came to Lagos to look for a job. I wanted to work in a fast food restaurant. I couldn’t find a job.”

Vico Etienne, 45. Fisherman. From Benin, been in Lagos for 25 years.
Q:What is your name?
A:My name is Vico Etienne
Q:How are you?

A:45 years old
Q;What is your job?
A:I am a cook and fisherman
Q:Where are you from?
A:Am from Benin
Q:How long have you been in Lagos
A:25 years
Q: Do you like Lagos?
A:Yes, I like Lagos.
Q: Why do you like Lagos?
A:Because ,it has Jobs to give money,Lagos has fishing, everything dey.
Q;What is the bad thing in Lagos?
A:Lagos has better car,better house,Lagos has everything.
Q:what is the bad thing about Lagos ,not the good thing.
A;Lagos has money,that is everything.
Thank you.

Jacob Olagunade, 75 years old, works at the saw mill. From Ibadan, Oyo State.
Has lived in Lagos for 12 years. Oko-baba Saw Mill, Ebutte Metta East.

Q: What is your name.?
A ; My name is Jacob Olagunade
Q : How old are you?
A; I am 75 years old.
Q; Where are you from?
A: Oyo State, Ibadan ,Oyo state.
Q: How long have you lived in Lagos
A: I have been living in Lagos for 12 years.
Q:Why did you come to Lagos?
A:I have come to look for money
Q:It good to live in Lagos.
A: what I came for ,I have not seen it.
Q;Is your future going to be in Lagos.
A;I will stay in Lagos until I get what I want.
Q; when you get home, what do you say about Lagos to your relatives.?
A; I tell them Lagos is good, but it has many problems and trouble.
Thank you very much sir.

Biliki Rahmon, 9 years old, pupil. Sandgrouse Market, Lagos Island. Has always lived in lagos
Q:What is your name
A:Biliki Rahmon
Q;How old are you
A:8 years
Q;Where do you live ?
A;Lagos Island
Q;Why do you love Lagos?
A; Because I was born in Lagos
Q: Do you like living in Lagos?
Q:Do you want to live in Lagos when you grow up?
A:I want to travel out.
Thank you.

Kudus Mohammed, 28 years old, he is a Cross Cutter (saws logs in half). Has lived in Lagos all his life. Oko-baba Saw Mill, Ebutte Metta East.

Q;What is your name?
A: My name is Kudus Mohammed.
Q:How old are you?
A;I am 28 years
Q; where were you born and have you lived in Lagos all your life.
A; Yes, I was born and lived in Lagos my whole life.
Q: What is your Job?
A: I am a cross-cutter,am working inside the river,cutting wood outside.
Q; You are 28 years old, do you have children?
A; I have children, I have 2 children.
Q:They were born in Lagos?What is your future in Lagos.
A: They were born in Lagos.In my future,I have to move forward on my children,to be a somebody in life.
Q:Do you want your children to stay in Lagos?
Q; Do you like Lagos?
A: Yes.Lagos is very big city,that’s why I want my childen to stay in Lagos.
Q: The people listening to this maybe they have never been to Lagos before,what is Lagos like?
A: Lagos like,small city like, people came to this Lagos to find what they are looking for this Lagos.Lagos is very good in short. Let me short my story. Lagos is very sweet. For people who have work, they are making money, they will like to live in Lagos, because they are seeing money. Thats why everybody come to Lagos,to come and find what they are looking for.
Thank you very much

AJibola Samuel, (blue and red shirt), 20, Bus Conductor, Under bridge, Oshodi

Q;What is your name?
A: My name is Ajibola Samuel.
Q:How old are you?
A:Iam 20 years old.
Q; What is your job?
A:My Job is Conductor
Q:Where do you work?
A:I dey work for Under Bridge Oshodi
Q:Are you from Lagos?
Q;Where are you from?
A:I am from Oyo state.
Q:How long have you been in Lagos?
A:Like 2 years.
Q; What are you looking for in Lagos?
A:I come Lagos to Hustle money.
Q: And,how do you find Life in Lagos.
A; I dey Hustle,but the thing no easy.
Q:For people who have never been to Lagos, how would you describe the city?
A:E no easy, but money dey there ,everybody come to Lagos to come and hustle money.That s it.
Thank you very much,one more question.
Q; Do you see your future been in Lagos?
A;I don’t see my future in Lagos, I need beta place.if I see person wey go carry me go school, I go go school.
Thank you.

Stephanie Igben, 15, bridesmaid

“To me, Lagos is a land of opportunities.”

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